2010-07-25: Düsseldorf Open 2010

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(1024x683, 117kB) (1024x683, 121kB) (512x768, 104kB) (512x768, 84kB) (1024x683, 97kB)
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(1024x683, 222kB) (1024x683, 184kB) (1024x683, 167kB) (1024x683, 155kB) (1024x683, 90kB)
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(1024x683, 133kB) (1024x683, 104kB) (1024x683, 117kB) (1024x683, 67kB) (1024x683, 91kB)
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(1024x683, 85kB) (1024x683, 139kB) (512x768, 94kB) (1024x683, 154kB) (512x768, 71kB)
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(1024x683, 147kB) (1024x683, 134kB) (1024x683, 143kB) (1024x683, 121kB) (1024x683, 128kB)
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(1024x683, 95kB) (512x768, 76kB) (1024x683, 124kB) (512x768, 102kB) (1024x683, 140kB)
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(1024x683, 133kB) (512x768, 96kB) (1024x683, 130kB) (1024x683, 147kB) (1024x683, 127kB)
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(512x768, 81kB) (1024x683, 127kB) (512x768, 87kB) (512x768, 92kB) (1024x683, 130kB)
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(512x768, 85kB) (513x768, 82kB) (512x768, 72kB) (1024x683, 123kB) (631x768, 100kB)
Thumbnail IMG_5418.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5419.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5420.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5421.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5423.JPG (128x85)
(512x768, 88kB) (1024x683, 134kB) (512x768, 79kB) (512x768, 81kB) (1024x683, 117kB)
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(512x768, 84kB) (512x768, 86kB) (512x768, 83kB) (1024x683, 136kB) (1024x683, 136kB)
Thumbnail IMG_5432.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5433.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5434.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5436.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5437.JPG (128x85)
(1024x683, 129kB) (1024x683, 137kB) (1024x683, 189kB) (1024x683, 192kB) (1024x683, 232kB)
Thumbnail IMG_5438.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5440.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5442.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5443.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5444.JPG (57x85)
(512x768, 114kB) (512x768, 119kB) (1024x683, 136kB) (512x768, 103kB) (512x768, 81kB)
Thumbnail IMG_5445.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5446.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5447.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5448.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5449.JPG (128x85)
(1024x683, 132kB) (1024x683, 132kB) (1024x683, 140kB) (512x768, 90kB) (1024x683, 117kB)
Thumbnail IMG_5453.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5454.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5455.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5456.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5457.JPG (57x85)
(1024x683, 151kB) (1024x683, 132kB) (1024x683, 91kB) (1024x683, 158kB) (512x768, 90kB)
Thumbnail IMG_5458.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5459.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5460.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5461.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5462.JPG (128x85)
(1024x683, 117kB) (1024x683, 123kB) (512x768, 74kB) (512x768, 80kB) (1024x683, 206kB)
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(512x768, 109kB) (512x768, 107kB) (1024x683, 104kB) (1024x683, 134kB) (586x768, 92kB)
Thumbnail IMG_5474.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5475.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5477.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5478.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5479.JPG (57x85)
(1024x683, 143kB) (512x768, 98kB) (512x768, 92kB) (512x768, 94kB) (512x768, 138kB)
Thumbnail IMG_5480.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5481.JPG (51x85) Thumbnail IMG_5482.JPG (55x85) Thumbnail IMG_5483.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5484.JPG (57x85)
(512x768, 99kB) (463x768, 95kB) (496x768, 105kB) (1024x683, 115kB) (512x768, 137kB)
Thumbnail IMG_5485.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5486.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5487.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5488.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5491.JPG (57x85)
(1024x683, 134kB) (512x768, 90kB) (512x768, 97kB) (512x768, 90kB) (512x768, 113kB)
Thumbnail IMG_5492.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5493.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5494.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5495.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5502.JPG (128x85)
(1024x683, 185kB) (1024x683, 112kB) (1024x683, 103kB) (1024x683, 98kB) (1024x683, 125kB)
Thumbnail IMG_5503.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5504.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5505.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5506.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5507.JPG (128x85)
(1024x683, 116kB) (1024x683, 123kB) (1024x683, 145kB) (512x768, 93kB) (1024x683, 125kB)
Thumbnail IMG_5508.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5510.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5511.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5512.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5513.JPG (128x85)
(1024x683, 136kB) (512x768, 74kB) (1024x683, 122kB) (1024x683, 147kB) (1024x683, 147kB)
Thumbnail IMG_5515.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5516.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5519.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5520.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5521.JPG (128x85)
(512x768, 114kB) (1024x683, 136kB) (512x768, 72kB) (512x768, 89kB) (1024x683, 127kB)
Thumbnail IMG_5522.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5524.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5525.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5526.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5527.JPG (128x85)
(512x768, 80kB) (1024x683, 94kB) (1024x683, 156kB) (1024x683, 145kB) (1024x683, 133kB)
Thumbnail IMG_5528.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5529.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5530.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5532.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5533.JPG (57x85)
(512x768, 78kB) (512x768, 98kB) (512x768, 94kB) (1024x683, 84kB) (512x768, 80kB)
Thumbnail IMG_5535.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5536.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5537.JPG (63x85) Thumbnail IMG_5538.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5540.JPG (128x85)
(1024x683, 137kB) (1024x683, 168kB) (566x768, 141kB) (1024x683, 127kB) (1024x683, 161kB)
Thumbnail IMG_5541.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5542.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5543.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5544.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5545.JPG (57x85)
(1024x683, 132kB) (1024x683, 135kB) (512x768, 83kB) (512x768, 82kB) (512x768, 90kB)
Thumbnail IMG_5546.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5547.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5549.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5551.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5552.JPG (128x85)
(512x768, 104kB) (512x768, 125kB) (1024x683, 193kB) (1024x683, 142kB) (1024x683, 201kB)
Thumbnail IMG_5553.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5554.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5555.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5558.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5559.JPG (128x85)
(512x768, 116kB) (512x768, 83kB) (512x768, 81kB) (1024x683, 128kB) (1024x683, 163kB)
Thumbnail IMG_5560.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5564.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5568.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5569.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5570.JPG (128x85)
(1024x683, 130kB) (1024x683, 121kB) (512x768, 86kB) (512x768, 105kB) (1024x683, 151kB)
Thumbnail IMG_5571.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5573.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5574.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5575.JPG (57x85) Thumbnail IMG_5578.JPG (128x85)
(1024x683, 127kB) (1024x683, 129kB) (1024x683, 130kB) (512x768, 98kB) (1024x683, 138kB)
Thumbnail IMG_5580.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5581.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5583.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5585.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5586.JPG (128x85)
(1024x683, 149kB) (1024x683, 156kB) (1024x683, 153kB) (1024x683, 145kB) (1024x683, 154kB)
Thumbnail IMG_5588.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5591.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5593.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5595.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5596.JPG (128x85)
(1024x683, 150kB) (1024x683, 119kB) (1024x683, 129kB) (1024x683, 128kB) (1024x683, 135kB)
Thumbnail IMG_5598.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5600.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5602.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5603.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5605.JPG (128x85)
(1024x683, 125kB) (1024x683, 124kB) (1024x683, 159kB) (1024x683, 126kB) (1024x683, 146kB)
Thumbnail IMG_5606.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5609.JPG (128x85) Thumbnail IMG_5613.JPG (57x85)
(1024x683, 137kB) (1024x683, 127kB) (512x768, 75kB)